Welcome To The Real World

This branch of Shuren Middle School opened only a year ago.

I woke up this morning at 5am (China time) with my body questioning what time it actually was. My internal clock is definitely freaking out, I’ve been tired and awake in phases throughout the day. However, it has been a great day. After spending a wonderful morning with Milly Wong (whose hospitality and help are greatly appreciated) I took the train into Zhenjiang and got a ride from my employer and his assistant into Yangzhou where I got to lay eyes on my new campus, school, and home. The campus is absolutely beautiful with palm trees and small bodies of water with artistic rocks placed tastefully throughout the area. The school is enormous, housing over 2,600 students ages 12 to 18. And by housing, yes they have dormitories for ALL of the students here, apartments for the teachers, oh and did I mention… I even have my own office! Welcome to the real world, Chandra. Tonight I’m focusing on getting unpacked and getting acquainted with my American neighbors. (Also, looking into getting a VPN so I can access Facebook! Stay tuned.) I start training in two days, and start teaching on Monday.


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