Lost in Transit

The 6th tallest building in the world is located in Nanjing! It is the Greenland Financial Center.

This past weekend I was blessed and am very thankful to have merited an invitation to a Thanksgiving dinner and celebration in Nanjing with two of my new friends who are also teaching here in Yangzhou, Gracie and Lisa. They are from Texas/Mexico/Argentina/Brazil (they grew up in a lot of places…) and are here with a volunteer teaching program (at a university) and both attend BYU in Idaho and are my age. Before asked, I was dreading missing Thanksgiving which is by far my favorite holiday of the year. I knew I would miss my family and the wonderful foods that cannot be found here such as turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberries, gravy, and mashed potatoes. Much to my delight there were all of these, and much much more! We ate until we literally could not eat another crumb and enjoyed wonderful company and an entertaining talent show. We then dropped our things off at the apartment we’d be staying at that night, and took a taxi to a friend’s place to watch a movie called Stardust with about 20 people our age and grab some food from some of the street vendors. The night had gone, so far, very well. Then, we got lost. In China. Can I reiterate that? Lost in China. The woman who was letting us stay in the apartment below them had given us an address in her own pronunciation, which turned out to be incorrect. The street, the name of the place, everything had been mispronounced. This is not her fault at all, because Chinese is certainly difficult for native English speakers, but it attributed to much confusion and a two hour walk (after being driven confusedly around by two separate taxis who could not understand what we were looking for) around Nanjing from 10PM until midnight. It wasn’t until we called Gracie and Lisa’s group leader (who was fluent in Chinese) and I spoke to him while he pulled up a map and told me the correct names of the places we sought. We finally got situated and took a taxi to the street, connected to the alley, connected to the other alley, to bring us back to the apartments. It was quite a trip! I guess there’s much more I’m thankful for… Americans who can speak Chinese, Google maps, and very patient taxi drivers!


4 thoughts on “Lost in Transit

  1. You might consider leaving bread crumbs wherever you go so that you can find your way back. You may never find your way back, but the birds will love you!
    The Greenland Financial Center looks pretty impressive. Did you have the opportunity to check it out from the inside?

    • No, we had been calling the owners of the apartment repeatedly but they kept telling us the same names over and over so we called their friend, and it took him awhile to figure out where we were and where we needed to be because of the name confusion. The two hours was the total time through all the lostness.

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