Oh, the Weather Outside is Moderate

Xinran and I in front of a Christmas decoration in Times Square. Nobody really celebrates Christmas in China, but they must appreciate the spirit because they have decorations everywhere!

Well, it’s officially winter time in China! I’ve been wearing thick coats since it dropped below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and now that it’s finally hitting the 50s I am losing my mind as my teeth clatter nonstop. I do not want to think that it’ll be snowing and freezing by the time I get to Beijing… So I have my sights set on the near future instead – TAIWAN! It’s currently in the mid- and high-70s there, and I’m very excited to visit some awesome beaches and hot springs with my friend Drew who is graciously hosting my stay there. (We are friends from Chinese class at WSU.) I keep hearing about how wonderful the food is, plus the weather will be nicer than here so needless to say I am anxious for this semester to come to an end, although I will miss my adorable students dearly and their loud screams of, “BEAUTIFUL GIRL! SEXY TEACHER!” directly into my earballs as I walk into the classroom… okay maybe not that so much. But I will miss them!

On a completely random note, have you ever seen a man run at a woman stepping out of a Mercedes-Benz wielding a large shovel on a busy highway? If not, then you sir (or ma’am) are not living! I’ve been the witness to quite a few scuffles here in China and some inexplicably odd behavior. That particular fight I mentioned was in Nanjing. A man and woman were tirelessly hitting and kicking each other, and I really think it would have been to the death if it had not been for valiant spectators who pulled them apart (side note: it took way more manpower to hold the woman back. Don’t underestimate the anger of a woman!) I’ve also seen a few fights between girls and boys in my classrooms. They usually just hit each other in the arms or slap each other in the face. Is it bad that I just let them duke it out? They don’t really do any harm to each other, and then they get it all out of their system within a minute and proceed to sit in opposite corners of the room. Another thing I’ve noticed is teachers hitting students. I had to stifle a shocked gasp as I approached my classroom one day, and as a male student was exiting the room the teacher took a large book and slapped him right in the forehead with it! The child (who appeared just as shocked as I did) then decided to stay in the room and rub his head in contempt, probably plotting the demise of his head teacher. It was so unusual. The children are often scolded (loudly) and sometimes hit or slapped across the head, but never by me. I’m the nice foreign teacher, which probably explains why they go hog wild in my classes a lot… Oh well. I’d rather lose my voice yelling at them than have to slap them, although I do admit it gets tempting at times. Just kidding! They’re adorable li’l buggers. Oh, the life of a teacher… in China. It’s interesting to say the least!


3 thoughts on “Oh, the Weather Outside is Moderate

  1. The controversy over how to discipline an unruly citizen is wrought with contention. We sent our daughter to China to teach English. We were at the end of our rope, and we hope she has learned her lesson. Cruel and unusual? Perhaps she could move back home.

    CHANDRA IS THE BEST! Bless her for spreading the patience and kindness that children deserve. Children need to be kidded, and their imaginations expanded. I trust that Chandra is doing this with her charm, imagination, and communication skills.

    There will always be those who highly recommend a sound beating for children. Although we can ALL relate to the frustration, hopefully most of us understand the futility of this energy. Corporal punishment and humiliation breeds evil – not to say that it is NEVER called for – but simply to observe that it called upon far too often by the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

    Children are our only hope. Let us nourish all that we treasure in our world!

    • Hey, we’ll be in a warm country while you are in Taiwan! You get to be there 3 weeks, we are on Cabo only for 10 days!! Sunny beaches here we come 🙂

      I witnessed a fight between two Kentlake high school boys, but I didn’t let them “duke it out” for long because they were literally beating each other up with blood going all over the places. It became a matter of hygiene so the other teacher and I told them to stop!

      I don’t believe kids need to be abused (beaten repeatedly) but a good clunk on the noggin or a swat on the behind sometimes just to get their attention! LOL.

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