Sulfur, so good!

Today I was naked for three glorious hours. But we’ll get to that in a minute, I want to talk about my weekend first! Yesterday Drew and I had a delicious Indian brunch (we wake up quite late on weekends…) and then took the scenic route to meet up with his friend, Austin. The three of us headed out to explore the inside of Taipei 101 (which Drew, Mandy, and I had previously snuck into on NYE… don’t think I mentioned that in my previous post. Oops.) It’s basically a giant shopping mall with an observatory and a few areas that double as art galleries. Afterwards, we had dinner and tea and played Jenga. Note: Jenga becomes increasingly difficult as more alcohol is ingested. But I’m still a champ, damnit! The evening ended with us hanging out at a bar called The Fucking Place. Best name for a bar? Debatable. Regardless, we had a great time and I even met a famous director! I have no idea who he is, but Drew somehow did (Drew is an aspiring – and talented – director) and wanted to get some contact info. So I, being me, went and sat right next to him on his VIP sofa with his entourage and asked for his email. He gave it up, but made me promise not to post it online or hand it out. I offered to pinkie-swear but apparently my word is good enough for him. Trusting guy!

A cool alleyway Drew and I passed while walking through Taipei

Anyway, on to today! After eating some wonderful apple-cinnamon, almond-cranberry, banana-peanut butter-honey pancakes cooked by the man of the morning (Jack) we (Drew, Austin, Jack, Ant, and I) headed out to the hot springs in Beitou! If you’ve never been to a hot spring, that’s just silly. For those of you who aren’t aware of what a hot spring is, water is heated naturally by Mother Nature for people who can’t afford hot tubs. They are best enjoyed nude. It was absolutely the most relaxing and gorgeous place. Upon entering, the smell of sulfur became less of an issue as I gazed upon my new territory. Not only were there four magnificent, gleaming pools with different temperatures but there was also a bath house and a sauna (cue a cappella chorus). A number of rocky waterfalls poured into these giant pools, out of which many long vines and flowers protruded, making the natural scenery even more tranquil. This particular spring is segregated by gender, so there was no worry of an obnoxious “bro” wandering in and bellowing, “TITTIES!” Instead, I enjoyed to its maximum potential this peaceful paradise of placid pools. Oh, and did I mention the price of this splendid mini-getaway? 200 NTD, aka around six dollars. Oh, Taiwan… I love you so.


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