Good Morning, America

It feels as though it’s the middle of the night, but light is pouring through my window whether I like it or not. Our last few days in Beijing were spent visiting famous parks such as Beihai park and the Summer Palace and we also went to see a Kung Fu show. The weather (although extremely cold) was sunny and pleasant enough so we also walked through the outdoor markets and got some gifts and souvenirs from the vendors. Instead of taking the cheap and difficult way to the airport which we had taken upon arriving in Beijing (walk to train, train to subway, take three transfers, walk up flights and flights of stairs with heavy luggage, walk to hotel… this took many hours) we took a taxi from our hotel. It was 80 more yuan, but worth it to both of us – especially Trenton, since he had been the one carrying the luggage up the stairs! (Thank you again, by the way!)

Now, I could go on forever about how China affected my life and changed my way of thinking. I could go on and on about what each adventure taught me and what I gleaned about the interesting culture “in the end”. Instead, I will just say this: If you intend to experience life to the fullest, I know that you will pay a visit to China. Whether it be walking upon the Great Wall, watching the country go up in smoke on Chinese New Year, or living in a village to learn about what I call “China behind the scenes”, I know that this is something to do before you die. There are an infinite number of things to do, places to see, and people to meet before life’s end. Let China be one of them, and you won’t regret it. Believe me, I will be back… and sooner than you might think!


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