City of Smiles

I’m here in Thailand! It is amazing. I flew in via Eva Air and connected a flight to Bangkok from Taipei, Taiwan. The flights were not bad at all, I slept through most of both of them. When I got to the giant airport, I was directed via Facebook message by a good friend to get to his friends’ flat downtown. It was not very difficult thanks to him, and I took a train to a taxi and arrived at my destination for the day and night! His friends, Paul and Miriam (siblings), were so kind to take me in and let me follow them around all day to their fittings (they are models) and to eat. My jet lag started hitting me around 4PM local time but I powered through with all my might until 10PM, at which point my head hit the pillow and I was out for the count.

I awoke today at 6AM and have been hanging out in the apartment with Paul, since Miriam had another booking this morning. After I relax here for awhile, I will head out to the hotel that I’ll be staying at with my group for the next few days before we head out to Chiang Mai. Then there will be days of elephants, temples, boats, islands, and more! So definitely stay tuned!

For now, I just wanted to make a quick entry and also point out some beautiful aspects of Thai culture. Everyone here is so happy, laid back, and welcoming. “Friendly” is a gross understatement… I feel like family among the Thai! The hospitality is amazing. Everyone is here to help one another and they all show signs of respect upon all greetings and farewells. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Well, until next time! This particular tale will take you from Thailand to Australia to New Zealand! 🙂 Oh- and be sure to hit “subscribe” if you’d like to receive notifications of when my posts go up via email! I will try my best to post at least once a week, but we shall see.


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