The things I get excited about now compared to what excited me about three months ago are very drastically different. Before, I was excited about staying in 5-star hotels and dining at the finest restaurants. I was beyond ecstatic to work out at a well-equipped gym. I loved having a fun night in with my girlfriends, drinking wine or having some great home cooked meals. I was excited to find bargain prices on cute clothes. I really enjoyed having reasons to dress up a bit, put on makeup, and do my hair.

Now, I am excited to have a place to sleep. I love finding new ways to live cheaply and simply. I’m beyond ecstatic if a room has heating/air conditioning, soap and water, a toilet, and a shower. Oh- and even better? HEATED WATER. I mean, yes, I appreciated all of these things back home since I’ve traveled before. However, whenever I travel I can feel my priorities shift. I am very conscious of it, and it’s a different type of indulgence – the indulgence of simply surviving. Day to day, living life as it comes, not knowing what tomorrow has in store and loving every second of it.

Tomaree Mountain
Tomaree Mountain

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