It’s Raining Geckos

As the movie in the hostel played on the projector, us backpackers surrounded the area on beanbag chairs, old sofas, and even curled up on the floor. I had nabbed a stool in the midst of the seat-grabbing, and sat comfortably watching the film. About halfway through, I felt what I thought was a water droplet in my hair. Roofs do tend to leak at some hostels I’ve stayed at, so I didn’t think much of it. Minutes later, I felt another. I calmly smoothed my hair and felt nothing, so I concluded that I was hallucinating. Then, as if to convince me it were raining, a giant droplet fell onto my shoulder – but it wasn’t wet. I felt it squirming around and thought, “Well that’s a bit strange. Usually, water droplets don’t wiggle around.” I peered over to my shoulder and saw a tiny gecko, looking quite lost. I quickly snatched it up, smiling. It appeared a bit frightened, so I let it go onto the ground. I looked up at the ceiling and saw hundreds of geckos hunting bugs buzzing around the lights. Some would choose to jump and try to catch their prey, whimsically forgetting they were upside-down.

I was told by more than one person that this was definitely a sign of good luck, and I was soon to find that I am quite a lucky person. I mean, I already know I’m lucky – but THIS lucky? I almost can’t stand it. I am overwhelmingly grateful.

Mission Beach was a wonderful adventure. While it was a rainy jungle about 80% of the time I was there, I was still able to go skydiving. Having gone once before, but at not even half the height, I was enthralled. The views were gorgeous, the air was crisp (refreshing, since I’m living in the humid northern part of Australia), and I couldn’t stop smiling. Seeing the Great Barrier Reef from upwards of 10,000 ft was truly incredible. (The jump was from 14,000 ft but we had some cloud cover – I even jumped through a rainbow!)

Reality then hit me – I had less than $100 AUD to my name and one more city to visit after Mission – Cairns. So I started looking for a job online.

Skydiving through a rainbow in Australia
Skydiving through a Rainbow in Australia

As my gecko-y luck would have it, I received a call while still in Mission for an interview at Watches of Switzerland, an upscale watch company representing Swiss brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Oris, Edox, TAG Heuer, Tudor, and more. The day I arrived in Cairns, I got the job! Not only did I experience a scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef the day I got my job offer, but I also (thanks so, so much to my coworker) found a place to live for free until I get paid! And as if my blessings were too much to handle (which they totally are) my Chinese landlord has made me an offer I can’t refuse – as an English teacher (you may have seen from my previous posts in this blog, I taught English in China) he’s asked me to tutor him in English in exchange for living expenses.

So my journey continues, although it slows down on the “touring” front. I am now living in Cairns, a beautiful city, with wonderful people and such great opportunities. I am happy. I am lucky.

Thank you, geckos. Thank you, life.


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