How I Met my German Boyfriend

Our story isn’t very long so far, but it is certainly interesting.

When I checked into my hundredth hostel in a tiny town called Rainbow Beach, I didn’t realize that my life’s course was about to change for(possibly)ever. It seemed as normal a day as they come in a backpacker’s life in Australia: I had a long bus ride and was pretty tired. Carrying my heavy 90L backpack on my back along with my smaller backpack on my front, I was just ready to eat something and chill by the pool. As I approached my room, a guy opened the door for me and smiled with some stupidly sexy green eyes and let me inside. He spoke perfect English with a British accent but I found out he was actually from Germany. Needless to say, I was impressed. We ended up talking and laughing for awhile and then headed out to play in the pool with some other hostel mates. The day was filled with fun in the sun, food, beer, and a party on the beach complete with a DJ for Australia Day. We danced the night away and passed out in some hammocks by the pool at 4AM.

That was January 25th, 2015.

Now it’s May 13th and I can’t even begin to describe what is happening – but I’m going to try. (Hang in there for me!) First, I want to skip all the rainbows and butterflies and jump right to the issues because – well, that’s what you have to do in a transnational relationship. Right from the beginning you have to start asking really serious questions, which is a lot of pressure and commitment. His plan was to finish the east coast of Australia, head to Thailand for a 3 week family vacation, tour Western Australia, spend a couple of months in New Zealand and head home to Germany for Christmas and attend university shortly after. My plan was to stay on the east coast after my tour, head to New Zealand for about six months, go back to Southeast Asia to tour some more, and then find a teaching job in South Korea or China before jetting off to Europe. As you can see, our plans did not cooperate. In fact, you might even say it wasn’t good timing. The thing is, we really liked one another. So we changed our plans.

He ended up staying with me here in Cairns, where I got a job right away to save some money up for future travels. He still went on his Thai vacation with his family (of course) and now we are living together and both working.  We’ve decided to travel New Zealand together for a couple months and then tour Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam before heading to Germany in December. I’m not too sure what’s going to happen because I paid a hefty sum for my New Zealand package (think: around $700) but I know that whatever we end up doing will be worth every second and every penny.

I would be lying if I said it didn’t feel magical every single day, which I think is the point of an early-stage (or any stage, for that matter) relationship. Besides immensely enjoying his company, I also find it very interesting to see things from a completely different perspective than my own. He amazes me and intrigues me and he can always make me laugh. We disagree on some things (there are a lot of cultural differences between us) but agree on the most important things. We’ve concurred to take on whatever comes our way, no matter how hard the going gets and we know it will be very hard at times.

Where will we end up? Well, that’s definitely a question for the books. We plan to do quite a lot of world travel so hopefully we can agree on a place… or two! (Crossing my fingers for two!) Who knows how this will pan out? All I know is that it is both wonderful and exciting and I am so happy I’ve ended up with him. I feel like we are two pieces to the same puzzle, finally connected.

Oh, and need I even mention my free German tutoring?

The day we met in Rainbow Beach
The day we met in Rainbow Beach
Touring the city where we now live together
Touring the city where we now live together
Enjoying a sunset together recently
Enjoying a sunset together recently

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