Standing Still

I don’t think I’m normal. I say this not as a revelation but more as an observation I recognize more and more over time. “Normal” is subjective, yes, but when you look across the board I think a general consensus could be drawn about my life – it’s different. It seems that I am constantly on the go. There appears to be this tendency to “itch” for change after awhile. Routine doesn’t bore me as much as it absolutely tortures me. The mundanity of security has me running for the hills – or, flying for them.

Some stops along the road at my next destination
Some stops along the road at my next destination

‘Is this a disease?’ I wonder to myself. After all, people are meant for routine, as I mentioned in my last post. But inevitably, as I am in one place doing one thing for more than a few months, I get that itch. It begs me to move, to explore. I yearn not just for change in scenery but also knowledge. I want to start new books, listen to new music, and discover new ways to be fit and healthy. (I started by downloading the eBook, “Becoming a Supple Leopard” yesterday.) I’ve been living in the beautiful city of Cairns – famous for its close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef – for nearly seven months. I made friends and enjoyed the sanity of having a place I can call “home”. I relished having a private room as opposed to a 10-bed dormitory in a hostel. Having my backpack emptied into drawers was a taste of Heaven (not to mention having a fully-equipped kitchen with a functioning stove!) But alas, the time has come.

I was not meant to sit at a desk. (Is anyone?!) It is not my destiny to stand still. Antsy is an understatement. I must continue and venture into the unknown and collect experiences and smiles before I die.

My current home, soon to be another wonderful memory
My current home, soon to be another wonderful memory

For anyone who shares this tendency with me, my best advice to you (if you’re not already doing it) is to run with it. Get lost. (Literally!) Buy that ticket. Have you ever had anyone tell you they regretted traveling? “I wasted my life traveling the globe when I could’ve been climbing the corporate ladder,” is not a meme easily found, I’d wager. There’s a reason for that. Traveling will enlighten you, challenge you, and in the end I believe it will make you whole. Five countries or fifty, you’ll only regret the chances you didn’t take. My best guess is that normalcy is overrated… but I wouldn’t know.


One thought on “Standing Still

  1. That’s so true. No one ever said, “You’re so busy exploring the world that you’re missing out on the office drama.” From one traveler to another, the road teaches you things the classroom and office can’t.

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